by Jessica Crawford

You’ve have your listing presentation, you’ve signed the contract and now it’s time for you to sell the home. You know you need great video and photos to properly market the home, so you make an appointment.  Now how do you prepare for the appointment with your homeowners?

  • Confirm the arrival window with your homeowners
  • Have your homeowners complete the readiness checklist
  • Do a final walkthrough to ensure property is ready

When the scheduling department sends you a confirmation email with the appointment day and arrival window, the first thing you should do is make sure you homeowners will be ready by that day. You’ll also want to make sure there isn’t a conflict with the day or time (i.e. baby’s napping, moving companies, etc.).

Another thing you can do to make sure your appointment goes off without a hitch is to have your homeowners follow the readiness checklist from our Getting Ready Page. It gives homeowners, and agents, tips and tricks to making the home look its best, inside and out, just in time for the appointment.

We also recommend doing a final walkthrough before appointment day to make sure everything that you want done before the appointment is completed before we arrive. Since our Vidtographers aren’t professional stagers they can’t clean or move things the day of and our shooting style doesn’t allow for homeowners or agents to clean and move things while we capture the video and photos.

In addition to these things, there are a couple no-nos. First, do not schedule other home services for the same time as the video and photo appointment. If there are plumbers, gardeners, electricians or other service workers at the property while we’re filming, we’re unable to do our job. We want the highest quality media for your listing, so it’s important that we work uninterrupted. And second, don’t sweat it! If you can’t meet us for an appointment, that’s ok. Our Vidtographers have access using lockboxes and are trained to complete appointments with or without the agent or homeowner present.

If you follow these few steps, you’ll be ready for your appointment day with Wow Video Tours, and soon you’ll have your dynamic visual media for marketing your listing.

Jessica Crawford
About Jessica Crawford
Jessica has a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and enjoys writing in her free time. She has worked in the scheduling department for Wow Video Tours since 2016.
3 Ways to Prepare for Your Video and Photo Appointment (and 2 Things to Avoid)