by Jessica Crawford

The exterior of the home is the potential buyer’s first impression when they come to an open house or private showing. The same is true of the front exterior photos when potential buyers view the listing online. Sometimes to make sure the first impression is the best one, you need to have the front photos re-taken. Here are a few reasons you may want, or need, to order an exterior update of your listing.

1) It was Raining or Snowing the Day of the Photos

Wow Vidtographers are trained to take photos on dreary days and our editing still makes the properties look fantastic through our proprietary editing process and replacing the skies with blue skies and white clouds. But heavy rains or snowfall can make it impossible to capture exterior media. On these days the Wow Video Tours scheduling department will reschedule your exterior photos, at no cost to you.

2) Standing Water and Wet Driveways/Sidewalks

While you don’t need to have Wow come back out if the driveway was wet in photos or there are puddles on the sidewalks, you may want us to. You can call or email the office and the team here can schedule a $50 exterior update for the next nice day. These images will be delivered by the end of the following business day after the appointment and will be combined with your previous photos and/or video.

3) Seasonal Update

Is there a foot of snow on the ground in your listing’s exterior photos and now the snow has melted? Was the house listed in the fall with changing colors and it’s now spring with new blooms? This type of exterior update is common at Wow Video Tours. For $50 a Wow Vidtographer will go back out to your listing to capture new exterior media to be combined with the old photos or walkthrough video tour.

4) Updated Landscaping and Backyard Amenities

Maybe your client recently installed beautiful new flowers and bushes, or perhaps the lawn wasn’t mowed to their standards before the original media was captured. Whatever the case may be, if your owners have made improvements, updates or changes to the home’s exterior living space and landscaping, a new appointment may be in order.

Fun fact: you can also order exteriors before the home is ready to list. If you know your clients are going to put the home on the market in the winter, but they want photos of the trees before the leaves fall, you can schedule an exterior only appointment for $50, and pay the regular amount when you schedule the rest of the appointment later in the year. Whatever the reason you need new, or only, exteriors, the scheduling and editing team can help you get the new photos you need, drop them a line or call 937-505-0444 for help with your request.

Jessica Crawford
About Jessica Crawford
Jessica has a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and enjoys writing in her free time. She has worked in the scheduling department for Wow Video Tours since 2016.
4 Reasons You May Want (or Need) an Exterior Update