Our Mission

We pledge to our clients, partners, and employees . . .
to provide our unique “WOW” experience & unmatched support
to smile & have fun
to consistently innovate new video, smart content, & digital
to stay hyper focused on our evolution of growth
On the road to ensuring each client’s brand shines in the

Our History

We’ve produced over 25,000 real estate home tours since 2004. When you hire WVT, we bring the experience, equipment and know-how to get your homes on the internet in a professional and timely manner. With an over 14 year focus on the best ways to showcase homes to make sales, you’re investing in a team that’s perfected scores of techniques that result in a hassle free experience for you and your clients.

You’ll receive a link to your tour typically in 24-48 hours, that you’ll place on your local MLS,, your personal website, or your company’s website. Then upload your videos to popular video sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Video, Wellcomemat, etc.

With new social media avenues springing up all the time, the possibilities for distribution of a high quality video are literally endless! You’ll be found and be seen on the internet, when you solidify your online presence with Wow Video Tours!

Meet The Faces

Todd Kivimaki

Big Baller

Married to his high-school sweetheart. Father of two soon-to-be-very-tall sons and a short puppy named Russell. Combines being a coffee fanatic with hours of brewing craft beer. Could once dunk. The Man with the Wow Plan… A photographer since college; a salesman since first grade.

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Derek Mayer

Derek Mayer

Big Toe

Married with an adorable daughter. Grew up on a farm, with five brothers. Has the metabolism to enjoy ice cream, the knees to play sports and the need-for-speed love of cars. The Wow “Central Nervous System.” Actually missing the gene that would prevent him from not smiling.

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Shannon Landers

VP of Sales

Never met a technology she can’t disrupt nor an upsell she can’t pitch.Buckeye nut also frequently banished to the Wow Ohio State room by Todd. Overcome with pride for cool names both for 2 sons and three big puppies. New marketing ideas flow daily at WVT and Shannon loves mixing it up, being right in the middle of a team at the front edge of disrupting technology and redefining real estate branding and marketing in the digital renaissance!

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Ryan Lieurance

Ryan Lieurance

“WOW Way” Sensei

Married with a son named for an epic river (Hudson) and a daughter that makes you want to scream like Brando (Stella!). Trained to educate, so there’s hope for us all. Standard Issue Buckeye Addict. Wow Quality Control, training, shooting&producing. So money he doesn’t even know it.

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Jessica Crawford

Wordsmith/Scheduler Extraordinaire

Loves Harry Potter, superhero movies and WOW’s magical family-like work atmosphere. Passionate about reading, writing and competing in National Novel Writing Month. Married and expecting. Often the first Wow voice you hear. Legend has it she schedules with a magic wand…

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Brittany Duerk

Brittany Duerk

Last Line of Defense!

Loves Michael Buble’, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, old jazz standards and newhigh standards for great content.Has a passion for drawing and your pristine images. With her dedication to comic books, count her your Quality Control superhero…

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Nick Kellis

Nick Kellis

Anecdote Pez Dispenser

Has “from-Ohio-to-Hollywood-back-to-Ohio” certification. Field-tested television diva wrangler. Prone to dreamin key words and taglines.Banished with Ryan to the Wow “Buckeye Room” by Todd for Ohio State conversations. Does Yoga every night for a bad back from wrestling days.

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A. J. Williams

A.J. Williams

King of the South

Married with four children. A gridiron grinder from way back (with good hands and aging connective tissues). Wow’s Charlotte Connection for image and sales quality with a southern flair!

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Nate Pegram

Cinci’sShooting Star

Married and a papa to two rescue pups. Youngest of five brothers so, yeah, just fine with a challenge… Still tries his hand (er, foot) at soccer, disc golf and football, then leaves the rest to the pros with season tickets to FC Cincinnati. A filmmaker since junior high, tells the story of every house!

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Tyler Mayer

Big Toe’s Baby Brother

Shared farmlivin’ with Derek. The Wow Video Tours’ basketball team leading scorer. Juggles an agricultural / business degree with playing guitar, piano and singing. Not a bad Wow shooter…but secretly hired because he makes older brother Derek look like he’s out of high school.

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Abigail Cherry

V for Visual!

Proud mamma of Ava the dog and rescue cats Carl and Xavi. Developed an eye for shooting nature and scenery plus 10 years in graphic and web designthat she brings into every home. Loves music, live shows and attention to the details that make “the visual magic” come alive!

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Valerie Fitzsimmons

Valerie Fitsimmons

Darts, DMB and Dashes (around the world)

Has seen Dave Mathews Band 40 times in four different countries. Competes in a dart league. Has traveled to 8 different countries (and counting). South African nursery volunteer. Bartender. Photographer with highest honors. Can’t pass up a concert on the green. Occasionally sleeps.

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Aaron Plummer

The Sportsman&The Lens

Married with a son. Made a life change to chase what he loves: everything about sports photography (and his own sports photography business). Shoots what he loves; an avid Celtics, Vikings and Buckeye Fan!

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Olivia Snyder

Seed Farmer Turned Cinematographer

Comes from a proud seed farming and filmmaking family in Van Wert. Homeschooled and made mob movies with her sister and now a college junior studying film production. Still finds time for fishing, snow skiing and theatre, plus her 2 Labrador Retrievers and a cat!

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