by Jessica Crawford

As a real estate agent, you’re your own business. This means managing your money and managing it well. We know that every product and service you use to make your listings look great and sell well comes out of your bottom line, so we like to offer a variety of options at different price points.

There are a few things you can do to give your listing a little bit of extra pop for an affordable price, including:

  • Twilight photos
  • Zillow boosts
  • Virtually staged images

Twilight Photos

Wow Video Tours can edit exterior photos into a twilight scene instead. Our special editing techniques brings the home’s exterior’s to life with an image that looks like it was taken just after sunset. The beautiful colors of the sky and the exterior lighting of the home make for a great first image on the MLS or for a Social Media Post. At just $25, or two images for $40, this is one of the most affordable ways to make your listing pop.

Zillow Boosts

Love it or hate it, Zillow is an invaluable tool for real estate agents. Homeowners, now more than ever, are using websites and apps like Zillow to start their home search. Wow Video Tours is a preferred partner of Zillow, and with that partnership comes the ability to offer a Zillow Boost. This service boosts your listing in the search results on Zillow, getting more eyes in front of your listing. This service costs just $25, an incredible value when you consider the potential return.

Virtually Staged Images

Vacant homes, or even vacant rooms within a house can make a property seem cold and uninviting. The budget for a particular listing may not include furniture staging of every room, or even some of them, and that’s where Wow Video Tours can help. Our Virtually Staging option is great for showing a room’s potential without having to actually stage the property. You can choose to stage one photo or six, one room or all of them. The images are perfect for the MLS and Social Media. You can even print them off to hang at the home during open houses. Prices start at just $35 an image and there are even volume discounts for orders above three images.

With a few simple tools at your disposal you can market every home you list with beautiful media that catches the eyes of buyers. These items are also great for your portfolio when it’s time to snag another listing. Order these services and more for your next property.

Jessica Crawford
About Jessica Crawford
Jessica has a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and enjoys writing in her free time. She has worked in the scheduling department for Wow Video Tours since 2016.
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