Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is the narration upgrade? How does the process for the narration upgrade work?

The narration upgrade is a custom written script put to voice over in the video tour that describes the features and amenities of the house. The basic narration upgrade covers 5 main points of the house while the full custom narration has voice over of the house’s features throughout the video.

Scheduling a Video Tour

How do I schedule a video tour?

You can schedule a video tour on our ORDER PAGE or by calling the office at 937-505-0444. Within 24-36 hours after submitting a video tour request you will receive an ‘appointment confirmation’ email and/or phone call with the date and time frame of your video tour. You would then need to inform your homeowners of the date and time frame of the video tour. Once you have contacted the homeowners, you would then follow the instructions on the ‘appointment confirmation’ email (example below) to confirm the appointment with us or to reschedule for another date/time.

How long after submitting a video tour request should I expect until the tour is scheduled and then filmed?

You can expect the video tour to be scheduled and then filmed 1-3 days after initially requesting a video tour, unless a later date is requested. During peak times it may take up to 7 days.

What if I scheduled a video tour and I have to cancel it?

If you need to cancel the video tour, simply call the WOW Video Tours office as soon as possible. If needing to reschedule a tour, you would need to resubmit the video tour request and the process would start over again. If canceling less than 24 hours before the date of your video tour a cancellation fee would apply.

Before the Video Tour

What can the homeowners or the agent do to best prepare for the video tour?

The preparation for a video tour should be the same as it would be with a showing. That means the house should be picked up and cleaned before we arrive. We typically do not film the inside of closets and garages so if things need to be hidden these would be the best places for it. We can only control and are only responsible for the quality of the photos/video and not the overall appearance of the house. We are always focused on delivering the very best quality photos/video and when we are forced to change our focus and help in the staging of the house, ultimately the final product suffers.

CLICK HERE for helpful tips on getting ready for a video tour!

Due to insurance purposes, we CANNOT move items inside of a house once we are there. Since we strive to always be on time for every one of our video tour appointments, we also cannot wait for the real estate agent or the homeowner to clean and/or move items in the house. If a house is not ready when we arrive for the video tour it will have to be rescheduled and a rescheduling fee may apply.

What if the weather is bad (e.i. raining, snowing, or overcast) the day of the video?

We will typically film in most weather conditions as long as there are no emergency road restrictions. Even with adverse weather conditions we are able to edit the exterior photos/video of the house so that there are blue skies and clouds. However, if you choose to cancel the tour because of the weather the terms of our cancellation policy (as stated above in Section 02) would apply. For a small fee we also offer a ‘re-shooting’ service, where we would retake exterior photos/video of the house on a day with better weather conditions and then replace the old exterior photos/video with the new.

During the Video Tour

Do the homeowners or the agent have to be present during the video tour?

Neither the homeowner nor the real estate agent needs to be at the house during the filming of the video tour. After we arrive all we need is a way into the house (e.i. lockbox code, Supra key, house left unlocked, etc.) and we will go in, turn on all lights, film the house, turn off all lights and lock up the house when we are finished.

When will you arrive to film the video tour?

Typically we schedule a two hour time frame for arrival. Due to the distance we travel and the number of homes we film in one day we cannot schedule an exact time. This is important for you as the agent and also the homeowners to understand so you are not waiting on us for a specific time. We will be more than happy to call you 30-45 minutes before we arrive but you will need to make note of this while scheduling.

How long will it take to film the video tour?

For most video tours, filming typically takes between 30-45 minutes. This time of course will vary depending on the size of the house; for larger houses (over 5,000 sq. ft.) we might need additional filming time.

After the Video Tour

What is the typical length of a video? About how many photos do you take at each house?

The typical length of a video is usually between 3-5 minutes long. The average number of photos taken at each house is about 25-50. Of course as with filming time, both video length and number of photos depend on the size of the house; larger houses tend to have slightly longer videos and more photos. However, if you have a specific time frame in mind for the video please let us know in advance of filming the video tour and we will adjust our filming style accordingly.

How long does it take to get the photos and video after a video tour?

The typical turnaround time for the photos is 1-2 business days and 2-3 business days for the video. All media will be emailed to you as soon as it has been completed. The email will include a link to our ‘Branded’ and ‘Unbranded’ VIDEO TOUR PAGE that has both the photos and video embedded into the page. We also include download links for the photos (.zip file) and video (.mp4 file). For help on downloading the files please see our HOW TO PAGE.

Once I have the photos and video links how do I upload them to various websites?

Since there are multiple websites used by real estate agents to link media, we have a user friendly HOW TO PAGE that has step-by-step instructions on how to upload your photos and video to the most common sites.

When do I pay for the video tour?

You will be invoiced after the video tour has been filmed, the photos/video edited, and the links have been emailed.

What is the difference between the basic tripod tour and the deluxe flying tour?

The basic tripod tour is filmed on a tripod from stationary locations throughout the house. The deluxe flying tour upgrade gives the sense of flying through the house as the camera glides from room to room, giving the viewer an elegant POV of the exact floor plan and unique features of the house. Both tours are in stunning HD quality and as an add-on can include hi-resolution, wide angle photos. You can see examples of both the basic tripod tour and the deluxe flying tour upgrade HERE.

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