by Jessica Crawford

Your clients have made the tough decision to sell their home. They may be dealing with downsizing, job changes, cross-country moves and different school districts. You, as their real estate agent, make the process go as smooth as possible, including scheduling their walkthrough video tour and photos.

Another way you can help their home sell and with less headache, is to make sure your client is 100 percent ready for their appointment with a Wow Video Tours Vidtographer. Wow Vidtographers are trained to adjust blinds, turn on all the lights and close toilet seats in bathrooms, but everything else should be ready before we arrive.

To help the appointment run smoothly, you can let your client know to put away any clutter, make all beds and stow away any personal hygiene items in bathtubs, showers and sinks. Cars should be in the garage or out of the driveway. Trashcans should be tucked away and all lawn work should be done before we arrive. The upside is, the work your client puts into making the home 100 percent ready, means less work for that first open house.

We also ask that neither the homeowner nor the sales agent schedule other services (cleaning, maintenance, yard work, etc.) or showings for the same time frame as our appointment, as we are unable to work around these additional people when filming our walkthrough video tours.

Staging the furniture in the room exactly as your homeowners want it should be done before we arrive as our Vidtographers are not professional stagers. If you have a vacant room or vacant listing, we do offer Virtual Staging as an option to help inspire the feeling of home.

That’s not to say there’s nothing that can be done if a trash can gets left out or that bed skirt doesn’t look straight. There are editing options available and discounted re-shoots if anything needs perfected before going live on the MLS.

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Getting Ready 101: Helping Your Homeowners Prepare