by Jessica Crawford

Fall and winter are almost upon us, and with that comes wind, rain and snow. Inclement weather during the cold months can be especially inconvenient for those in the real estate market. As much as we’d love to be able to invent a way to control the weather for our appointments in fall and winter months, the truth of the matter is, we can’t always predict if the sun will be out, if it will snow or if it will have high winds. So how does inclement weather affect your appointment with Wow Video Tours? Well, it can in a few ways:

Cloudy Skies

Cloudy skies will not impact your appointment with Wow. Your photographs will still come out beautiful and all exterior photos will have blue skies with white clouds. We can adjust exposure and brightness in video to also mitigate a drearier day. Cloudy skies do not result in reschedules with Wow Video Tours. In fact, here’s a few reasons why you might want it to be cloudy on the day of your appointment.


Rain can affect your appointment in a few ways. If it is raining very lightly, we have the equipment to still do your exterior photos plus interior photos and video. In these instances we replace your exterior video with exterior photos in the video itself. If it’s raining hard, we will reschedule an exterior update appointment for the first available time, at no additional charge to you.

Aerial appointments, or aerial portions of appointments, will be rescheduled if it is raining as the drone is unable to fly in rain. Our drone operators do everything in their power to time out putting the drone in the air with times that the radar looks clear. If any portion of any appointment ever needs rescheduled due to rain, the scheduling staff at WOW will give you a call.


For the most part wind won’t affect your appointment with Wow. We can still capture fantastic exterior and interior photos on a windy day. If the day is particularly breezy, we may use exterior photo in place of exterior video. Aerial appointments, or aerial portions of appointments, may be rescheduled if the wind is too strong for the drone to fly safely. We will reschedule the drone appointment at no additional cost for our first availability. The office will always call if any portion of the appointment has to be rescheduled.

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice can impact appointments in a few ways. If it’s snowing hard enough we may not be able to get exterior photos, video or aerial video and photography. We always do our best to capture the entire appointment, both inside and out, but we will always call if any portion needs to be rescheduled due to weather.

Another way snow and ice can impact your appointment is with the road conditions. The safety of our Vidtographers is a vital part of our core values. When the road conditions are at a Level 3 emergency or equivalent, we will reschedule appointments in those areas for the first available times at no additional cost. When roadways are at Level 1 or Level 2, or the equivalent, we will do everything in our power to accommodate appointments. This may mean, changing photographers, moving appointment times, or arriving outside of arrival windows. The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority and we will do everything in our power to deliver your media on time while keeping our Vidtographers safe.

Other Weather Conditions

Other weather conditions and resulting situations such as flooding, power outages, etc. can impact arrival windows, exterior photos and video or media delivery. In all of these instances we will do our best to deliver media by our guaranteed time and we will always call if weather-related situations have caused delay.

If you have any questions about Wow Video Tours and its policy on inclement weather, give the office a call at 937-505-0444 or e-mail


Jessica Crawford
About Jessica Crawford
Jessica has a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and enjoys writing in her free time. She has worked in the scheduling department for Wow Video Tours since 2016.
How Inclement Weather Impacts Your WOW Appointment