by Steve Musser

Kitchen cabinets take up a great deal of space and are often one of the first things a person sees when walking into the house. Depending on the color of the appliances, you may wind up with cabinets that are a color that deter potential buyers. Here are a few things you should know as a realtor about the impact kitchen cabinet color can have on a sale and what you can do about it.

The Impact of Color

Many dark wood stains are coated in a high-gloss finish to reflect light and brighten the space. Unfortunately, the cooking and other activities that take place in kitchens often dull these finishes, so high-gloss cabinets become dowdy over time. A quality paint job can turn temporary reflection into constant cheer. According to Wholesale Cabinets, even different shades of the same color can create a different feel to the space. For example, Antique White creates a spacious, relaxed atmosphere while Bright White perpetually evokes a vibrant, new vibe.

What it Means for Buyers

Buyers need to be able to see themselves in the space. A kitchen stocked with fresh-painted cabinets forms an excellent foil for the appliances, dishes and cooking style of a new buyer. In addition, according to Certapro, painting your cabinets can give them a refresh if they are looking dated. This can be very attractive to potential buyers. Current trends toward minimalism and tiny homes lend themselves to modern, sleek cabinetry. Such a paint job can be completed in a variety of finishes from a satin veneer in a subdued antique white to a bright, high-gloss bright white. In addition, a new buyer can customize their kitchen cabinets with knobs and hardware that will satisfy their decorating flair.

Flexible Decorating Options

High-quality cabinets go with almost any flooring and will highlight almost any countertop choice if they are painted in a neutral color. Painted cabinets in a neutral color like white can be easily transformed from cabinets to shelves by simply removing the doors, sanding and patching the screw holes, and touching up the paint. Cabinetry choices offer both buyers and sellers many ways to personalize the space. Since new buyers often want to make changes in the home, cabinets provide them with a flexible background on which to make their changes and express their style.

Cabinets in different shades of white can provide a base for a soothing, calming kitchen palette or create a bright, reflective feel with a cheery tone of snow-white. No matter the tone or the color scheme of the rest of the house, refreshed kitchen cabinets offer buyers a blank canvas that they can make their own.

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How Kitchen Cabinet Color Affects a Home’s Saleability