by Jessica Crawford

When it comes time to sell your home, most people think spring and summer is the only time you can do it and have everything look fresh. The truth of the matter is, people buy and sell homes all year long. While it’s true the spring and summer are peak times for moving real estate, you can make your home look great, and sell it in the process, in the fall and winter as well.

There are a few key points to make your home sell more easily in the non-peak season.

  • Hire a great real estate agent
  • Declutter/stage your home
  • Capture great video and photos


Real Estate Agents

A great real estate agent will be able to not only help you navigate all the financial and legal jargon surrounding the sale and purchase of a home, but also will have access to many marketing tools. They can put your home on the Multiple Listing Service, network with other agents whose homeowners are looking for a home, just like yours, use their Social Media and web presence to market your home and host open houses for you. They can also give you tips on how to make your home look its best when its time for open houses and home tours.

Staging Your Home

You, and your home, have a unique style. It may be a collection of vintage Coca Cola plates and mugs or your favorite movie posters in your media room. You don’t have to get rid of all of your home’s personality when preparing for a sale, but there are things you can do to make the space more attractive for buyers. Decluttering and storing “extra” stuff makes the space feel larger and less cramped. Bonus? You’ll get a head-start on packing to move. Before you take down everything on the walls and put away all your bits and bobs, check with your agent on which decorative items may actually help your house feel like home. You want to allow potential buyers to envision the space’s potential, while showing them how it already functions as a home.

Real Estate Video and Photography

Along with preparing your house and hiring a real estate professional, it’s important to also have great media to help market your home. Your real estate agent should help you hire a real estate media team to capture a full walkthrough video tours and beautiful photos. The key to your listing making waves on the web is by using video (video is king on social media these days). Be sure to work with an agent who is willing to hire a great media team, no matter the size or listing price of your home.

These three steps will help make your selling your home this fall and winter a little easier. Watch for more off-season buying and selling tips from Wow Video Tours!

Jessica Crawford
About Jessica Crawford
Jessica has a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and enjoys writing in her free time. She has worked in the scheduling department for Wow Video Tours since 2016.