See what our clients are saying about WOW Video Tours!

Kevin & Missy Spradlin

Home Buyers
We really feel strongly that the movie tour will help get our house “toured” by more potential buyers. When looking for realtors to market our home we were really impressed by the movie tours on the Cowan Realtors website. They are by far much nicer than most of the websites we’ve looked at. It is definitely one of the reasons we chose Cowan. With everyone being so busy these days, we’ve found that searching for homes was made easier by viewing the listings on the web prior to deciding which homes we actually wanted to tour in person.

Your videos are extremely complete, very good quality and really help to “sell” the home.


Home Buyer
I feel that the video was simply amazing because helped us see the both the inside & outside features much better than a mere picture would. It honestly has made me consider a few houses that I would have otherwise dismissed. It gives me a better idea of the layout of the house (& yard) than by just looking at the statistics (room/yard sizes).

I definitely feel it is a huge asset to the company to be able to see this. I also feel that it saves the realtor from showing houses that would in no way fit a persons needs for a specific layout ( i.e. open areas, arrangement of bathroom dimensions, etc). Pictures just don’t do justice to understanding how the layout works.

Kevin Camfield

Home Buyer
The quality of the pictures and the video coupled with the Cowan website ended up being the deciding factor in our choice of firms to sell our home. At the end of the day, we knew that a lot more people where going to see the pictures and video on the website than were going to actually visit our home. So, we chose the agency that had the best overall presentation, format, and quality of material on the website: That was Cowan Realtors.

During the selling process, our realtor confirmed our assumption that we got many times more hits on the website and on the video in particular than people who visited the home, even including open houses. I wouldn’t consider selling a home without a video in the future based on my experience.

Steve and Melissa Dunahay

Home Buyers
I just wanted to take the time to say how much my husband and I enjoy viewing the home video tours. We are currently looking for a home and find the videos very helpful in deciding if this might potentially be the home for us. My husband and I have all the local realtor websites on our computer favorites so we can view them daily. We find that the realtors with the video tours are the most helpful to us. Keep up the good work and we look forward to viewing more videos in our search for our new home.

Cindy Wolfcale

Home Buyer
I am a recent home buyer and was impressed with the home video tour of our house by Wow Video Tours. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your work and quality of your tours. My husband and I have been looking at houses on the market for over 18 months. We found that your tours were not only user friendly, but more life-like than other home tours. When we went to see the house in person we knew what we were going to see; we weren’t surprised as we had been from other tours being inaccurate.

Your home tours were very valuable to us in our home search. It helped us to determine if we wanted to view a home or not. We found them much more valuable then pictures, as you could actually see yourself in the home. Again I would like to thank you for the quality of your work, it helped us find our “perfect” home. If some day we do decide to sell it, I would definitely want one of your video tours to display the value of our home.