by Jessica Crawford

An important part of marketing your latest listing on the real estate market is having amazing photos. With the agent of the internet, having great visual content is a must to stand out among all of the other listings. Whether it’s on the MLS, Zillow, or a plethora of Social Media sites, putting your best foot forward with great photos is the way to go.

So what makes a great photo? Here’s a list of what to look for with real estate photography:

  • Wide angles
  • Bright lighting
  • Show all the rooms
  • Great editing

Wide Angles

Whether you’re listing a 6,000 square foot home or a tiny bungalow, you want to capitalize on the space the property has to offer. The wider the angle of the photo, the more of the room you’re able to show. This gives not only a better picture of the layout of the home, but also makes the space look airier and more open. Standing back further and using a wide-angle lens helps achieve this.

Better Lighting

Just like you would with a showing, you want to turn on every light in the house. Adjust the blinds to maximize lighting and pull back any curtains that darken a space. The brighter the space, the fresher and more open it looks to potential buyers. This is especially true of spaces that have heavy furniture or darker color schemes. Let as much light in as possible to make the room, and home, look its best in photos.

Don’t Skip Rooms

While it’s true that kitchens and master bedrooms sell homes, clients today want to know more about the home before they schedule a showing. They want to see the bedroom, the kitchen, the pantry and more. Take photos of all the rooms (with multiple angles of the bigger spaces) to show everything the house has to offer. For even better coverage of the home check out walkthrough video tours.

Amazing Editing

Great photos not only depend upon good lighting and good angles. The better the camera and editing, the better and truer to life the photos are going to turn out. Cell phones have come a long way since their inception, and many of them have good cameras, but they still aren’t able to produce the crisp, bright photos with vibrant colors that you want to show off your next listing. Editing also plays a huge role in how your photos will turn out. Blending exposures, adjusting shadows and replacing cloudy skies with blue ones can turn an OK photo into a great one. Editing also can help with things like browned grass in the heat of summer. You can even have images virtually staged through editing to make vacant rooms and listings look homier.

No matter what size or price point your listing is in, photos will be among the first thing your potential buyers look at to determine if the property could be their next home. Making a great first impression with high quality photography is the way to go.

Jessica Crawford
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Jessica has a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and enjoys writing in her free time. She has worked in the scheduling department for Wow Video Tours since 2016.
What Makes a Good Real Estate Photo?